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What is ReYOUvenated Hearts?

ReYOUvenated Hearts is nurse coaching centered around... YOU!

As nurses, it is time to make ourselves a PRIORITY. Once you make the decision to make yourself a priority, the more you will feel replenished and ReYOUvenated to do the job you LOVE!

For 12-weeks, you will have me as your personal coach! We will dive deep into your life as a nurse, AND we will also navigate through total wellbeing. It's time to breakdown those walls and look at yourself as a whole. We will co-create action plans to better your health holistically in order to replenish your meter and feel ready to tackle each and everyday!

This is for you if:
ღ You are a nurse feeling burnt out and ready to make a CHANGE
ღ You are a nurse who wants to start making yourself a PRIORITY
ღ You are a new nurse or nursing student who is scared out of their mind to go in the field of nursing but knows that you can do it with more support!
ღ You are a nurse who wants to know their next step in the nursing world
ღ You are a nurse trying to find their nursing family 
ღ You are a nurse who wants to better themselves so you can show up 110% for your patients!
ღ You are a nursing student who wants to go into nursing with an open mind, with self-doubts DEMOLISHED and wants to be ready to healthily navigate through this incredibly rewarding career

About: Welcome

Meet Your Coach: Jenn Helms

Experienced. Compassionate. Supportive.

Hi there! My name is Jenn! I was born and raised in the place for lovers... Virginia! I am a registered nurse in the intensive care unit with the passion to serve others each and everyday. I have always known that I wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl because I always found myself helping my grandma who lived with my family from birth until I was 13 years old. I helped give her medicine, brought her water, and held her hand when she was wobbling on her feet. I vowed to myself that I would be as self-less, hardworking, and loving as she was!

When I became a nurse, I was able to watch countless patients walk out of the ICU, assist to help restart hearts, and I've had the hard task of holding the hand of a patient as they took their last breath. While I LOVE nursing and know that I chose the right career for me, it did not come easy. I wasn't taking care of myself as I should. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of emotions I was feeling and didn't realize I was bottling it all up. I started to become numb to the intense situations happening in the ICU, I felt increasingly tired everyday, and more. I am typically optimistic! I love smiling and laughing because I truly believe it's good for the soul; however, when I started to smile less, started keying into the negativity of life, I started to lose passion. I started to lose my drive. That's until I decided to make myself a priority. I was worth it and because I had that mindset shift and started taking care of my body, my purpose of becoming a nurse started to shine through again! I remembered my why, and now I know that, because I made myself a priority, I now can care for my patients EVEN better.

You may hear:
♥ Nurses are superheroes
♥ Nurses are the MOST trusted professionals
♥ Nurses save lives
♥ ... and more!

BUT (like I did) what you may feel:
♡ Burnout
♡ Compassion Fatigue
♡ Self-Doubt
♡ Overwhelm

That's where I come in!

About: About Me
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