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1:1 Coaching with Jenn

This is for:

ღ Nurses with years of experience

ღ Nurses going for an advanced degree

ღ New-Grad Nurses

ღ Nursing Students

See below of just a few things that we will tackle in our sessions together!

Knockout Burn Out

Life has many twists and turns that can take us by surprise and sometimes those paths can throw us for a loop. As nurses, we are constantly on the go, but once we keep pouring and pouring from our cup, soon, we have nothing left to give... causing burn out! Let's learn how to slow down, breathe, and become more balanced to refill our cups.


Fight Compassion Fatigue

With ReYOUvenated Hearts, we will dig for the reasons WHY you feel compassion fatigue. Being at the bedside, nurses are constantly creating relationships with the patients we serve, and when things don't go as planned and emotions take over, it is what we do with these emotions that matter.



With the constant stressors that can go into a nurse's life, it is important to look within and re-evaluate where we are at. When we take that step back, we can search high and low to refigure out our why.


Nursing Student/ New Grad Nurses Mentor+Coach

Being a new nurse in the real world can be SO scary. Let me tell you... WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE! What if you had the opportunity to be mentored by someone before and during your first year of nursing? Let's knock down your self-limiting beliefs and fears, so that we can build up your self-confidence to FULLY focus on your new career. Fight the compassion fatigue, burnout, self-doubts, and overwhelm BEFORE you start as a life-changing nurse!

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