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Are you someone who is READY to make a change?

Are you someone who is READY to start saying, "Yes!" to your goals and aspirations? 

Are you someone who is READY to stop being on auto-pilot every time you go to your nursing job and just want to find joy in what you do again? 

Are you someone who wants to have a coach who is ready to challenge you, keep you accountable, and help you achieve the goals you set together? 

Are you someone who also wants to find a nursing tribe who encourages one another to achieve each other's goals?

ReYOUvenated Heart's 1:1 & Hybrid Coaching Program may be for you! 

(CLOSED) ReYOUvenated Hearts: Group Coaching: Welcome

What's Included:

💟 12-Week Hybrid 1:1 and Group Coaching Program

💟 Bi-weekly 1-hour 1:1 video calls (6 calls total) 

💟 End of the month group coaching call  (3 calls total)

💟 Access to ReYOUvenated Hearts Course Hub

💟 Access to Private Slack Channel for support from me and the rest of your cohort

💟 Two (2) 15 Minute SOS Calls (Set up these when you need guidance ASAP. These can be scheduled outside of your bi-weekly 1:1 video calls and group coaching calls) 

💟 Your own private digital file with your action plan and session notes

(CLOSED) ReYOUvenated Hearts: Group Coaching: Text
Meditation by the Sea

ReYOUvenated Hearts Modules

Week 1-4

  • Understanding Your Why

  • Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt

  • Overcoming Personal Struggles and Mastering Goal setting

  • Defining Self-Care

  • Limiting Beliefs

Week 5-8 

  • Role Embodiment

  • Saying "No" to Imposter Syndrome

  • Communication

  • Debriefing When Things Go Wrong

  • ​Preventing Compassion Fatigue

Week 9-12

  • Work-Life Balance to Life-Work Balance

  • Creating a Routine

  • Disconnecting

  • Future Goal Setting

(CLOSED) ReYOUvenated Hearts: Group Coaching: About

Enrollment currently closed. Please check back to see when you can apply!

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